Best place in Australia for Indian migrants in 2020

India is one of the largest source of permanent immigrants in Australia and this is for the sixth time in a row that India has emerged as a top immigration source for Australia. Approximately 28,470 Indian-born immigrants swear allegiance to Australia in 2018-19 along with a significant rise in the total number of individuals acquiring Australian permanent residency under its General skilled migration program.

In fact, Indians are Australia’s third-largest immigrant group and are all set to overshadow Chinese and Britons. With such an expansion of around 10.7 % India-born residents in Australia, it’s time that we discuss the best places where Indian prefer to immigrate to Australia as permanent residents on GSM visas.
The two cities, which top the charts and are undoubtedly the best places to settle down in Australia as an Indian migrants are Melbourne and Sydney.
Let’s find out, why?
From the beautiful Bondi Beach sands to famous harbour sights, Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city that is known for its cultural diversity and natural beauty.
Sydney’s economy is greater than Singapore’s or Hong Kong’s and produce approximately $306 billion of services and goods annually. The key industries are financial and professional services, manufacturing, tourism, information and communications technology, creative industries, etc.
The employment prospects are also quite good, with plethora of opportunities available due to low unemployment rate.
More than 130,000 Indian are settled in Sydney as permanent residents. In fact, the Indian population is not only in a few suburbs, but majority of the Indian migrants are found in Sydney itself.
The suburbs can be found filled with Indian grocers, boutiques and restaurants, making you feel like home.
After Sydney, Melbourne is the second-largest city of Australia and is known as a cultural and sporting capital of the nation. With 4 million residents, the city is full of life with one of the best dining and nightlife in Australia.
In fact, Melbourne also tops the charts as one of the most livable cities in the world by the “Economist”.
Moreover, Melbourne has a large, vibrant Indian community housing most of the Indian-born migrants making up 3% of total population of Melbourne. Since 2001, the Indian-born migrants population has seen a rapid growth.
Top industries for Indian community in Melbourne includes, Professional, scientific, technical and administrative, Health care and social assistance, manufacturing, Transport, postal and warehousing.
Melbourne is known for its suburbs with accessible and safe transportation system, Indian grocery stores, restaurants. Melbourne’s festivals, cultural events are also popular among Indian community.
So, being an Indian-born Australian permanent resident, we would recommend you to choose any one of these cities to live in or any other city to enjoy the best of Australia PR benefits.

Here is a list of key benefits of Australia PR Visa, that will surely entice you:

  • Right to live anywhere in Australia for indefinite time period
  • Unrestricted right to travel from and to Australia
  • Freedom to enroll in the preferred college or university and course of study
  • Right to work anywhere in Australia under any employer
  • Eligible for social security benefits after being a PR visa holder for 2 years
  • Privileges of government-run Medicare health insurance scheme
  • Sponsor relatives for Australian Permanent Residency
  • Apply for Citizenship of Australia after residing for specific time period as PR holder
With a lot of benefits to offer, opting for an Australian immigration as a PR in 2020 would make a wise decision.
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